Pest Control in Virginia Beach VA

If you have a pest problem, it’s important to hire a Virginia Beach pest control company that can handle the job safely and effectively. Companies can provide a range of services for pests such as termites, rodents, cockroaches and ants.

The most effective pest control companies will employ a variety of methods, such as pesticides and physical barriers. They will also conduct ongoing evaluations of pest activity and implement additional treatments as needed.


Cockroaches are a common household pest and can be a challenge to control. They carry microbial pathogens that make them harmful to humans and pets, so it’s important to find the best Virginia Beach VA pest control company to remove these pests from your home.

They can be found in kitchens, bathrooms and basements. They are usually about half an inch in length and come in a variety of colors, including brown, tan, reddish-brown and shiny black.

Their odor can be distinctive, so they are easy to spot. They also have two dark stripes on their backs.

They get into homes through leaky pipes, vents and drains, and in packages, bags, furniture and other used items. They are attracted to food and moisture, so they can move throughout the home and become difficult to control and eliminate.


Ants are one of the most ecologically important groups of terrestrial insects. They have colonised all terrestrial habitats except the polar regions and highest mountaintops, and are found throughout our planet.

They are social insects that form colonies. A typical colony is dominated by an egg-laying queen (drone) and various castes of workers.

Ants use their stings and jaws to capture food, carry and fight. They also communicate with each other via chemical communication that allows them to perform tasks beyond the capabilities of any individual insect.

Bed Bugs

A Virginia Beach bed bug infestation can be a serious threat to the health and safety of your family and pets. If you suspect they may be in your home, it’s crucial to contact professional pest control services as soon as possible.

These tiny insects are often found in tight spaces, such as mattresses, box springs, and pillows. They are also notorious for hiding in carpeting and under wallpaper.

When they feed, bed bugs leave small bloodstains on sheets. These stains are dark red or brown in color.

In addition to leaving behind a musty odor, bed bugs can cause bites and fecal spots in areas where they hide. These symptoms are similar to mosquito and flea bites, but a bed bug bite is a more definitive sign of an infestation.


Rodents are a common nuisance and can be harmful to your health and property. These pests can chew through wires, insulation, pipes, drywall, flooring, and personal belongings, and their feces can contaminate food and spread disease.

Rats are a particularly destructive species. They chew electrical wires and rip up insulation in your attic and crawl space.

There are a number of methods for preventing rodents from infesting your Virginia Beach home or business. These include sealing all entry points and removing potential hiding places.


Termites are a common pest that can cause serious damage to your home. They are attracted to wood, so it’s important to have your property inspected regularly for signs of termites.

Unlike most other pests, termites can be lurking in your home for months before you realize that they are there. They feed on a variety of sources including wood, leaf litter and soil humus.

Termite species vary by geographical location, but they are all attracted to wood and moisture. The three most common types of home-invading termites are dampwood, drywood and subterranean termites.