How to Get an Online Business Listing

The online business listing gives consumers a complete picture of a local company. They can find out when the business is open, what its attributes are, and read reviews from other customers.

Businesses need to keep their information consistent across all online listings and citations. Inconsistent data frustrates searchers and hurts rankings.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool that helps you create, optimize, and manage your local business listings on Google. Creating and optimizing your GMB profile is one of the chief ways to show up in local searches and on maps. A comprehensive GMB profile can help you get new customers. To set up your GMB profile, head to the Google create page and type your business name into the search bar. If a listing already exists, it will appear in a drop-down menu, and you can click “claim this business.” If you don’t see the listing, file access request with Google to claim it.

After logging into your GMB account, choose the verification method of your choice (by phone, text, or postcard). You’ll need to verify your address before your Business Profile will become searchable.

Bing Places

Bing Places allows businesses to connect with local consumers. The platform is free, easy to use and provides many benefits, including generating in-person sales and increasing brand visibility. In addition to displaying business information, Bing Places also encourages businesses to include photos of the company and staff. This is important because people want to see who they will be dealing with when visiting the business.

Once you’ve created or claimed a business listing, follow the prompts to complete your profile. During this process, you’ll be asked to choose your business segment and category and provide contact information. You’ll also be prompted to add service areas, business hours and other information about your business.

Once you’ve finished completing your listing, verify it. This will protect it from unauthorized changes. You can do this through postcard, email, phone call or text message. You can even upload up to 100 photos for your business. Make sure that the photos you add are high-quality and professional.


In addition to providing an online business listing, Yelp also offers a number of other services for businesses. These include a business website and a data service called Yelp Knowledge. Yelp Knowledge gives businesses insights into customer data, such as how many reviews a company has and which ones are positive. Businesses can pay a fee to use this information.

One of the biggest challenges facing Yelp is ensuring that its profiles are updated and accurate. Businesses should provide all of the information requested by Yelp, including the address and phone number. They should also provide links to their website and social media accounts. They should keep the content on their profile up to date, and they should link back to their Yelp page from their own site.

In 2023, Yelp is a powerful resource for consumers to find local businesses. It is a popular destination for people to read reviews and check out photos of places before they decide to spend their money. However, the company is not without its critics. For example, one hospital sued Yelp for allegedly pressuring them to buy an advertising package to delete negative reviews.


As a social network for locals, Nextdoor is a great way to connect with your neighbors. You can use the platform to find recommendations for local businesses or services, and you can also post neighborhood events and news. You can also find homes and apartments for sale and rent in your area.

This site, which is similar to a hyperlocal Facebook and an updated version of Craigslist, has received positive press for its role in connecting neighbors during natural disasters and other emergencies. However, it is also known for facilitating racial profiling and creating an atmosphere of paranoid hysteria in some neighborhoods.

Using Nextdoor to promote your business can help you gain visibility in the community and build trust. Once you have a good reputation, potential customers will be more likely to choose your business. Nextdoor also allows you to include a link to your website in the description of your recommendations. This makes it easy for customers to learn more about your business and contact you.