Flum Gio Flavors Disposable Vape 3000 Puffs

Flum Gio Flavor is a new series of disposable vapes from Flum that brings a whole new level of flavor experience. These unique e-cigs have an elevated chic and compact silicone design that packs 3000 puffs of great flavors.

The Flum Gio series offers a wide variety of different flavors including fruit, dessert and icy menthol hits. Some popular options are tropical punch, berry fusion, and juicy apple.

Tropical Punch

Tropical Punch is a popular fruit flavor that’s often found in desserts and other food products. It’s a great choice for fruity powdered drinks, flavored instant gelatin mixes, and cotton candy bases.

This flavoring is a concentrated product and can be used in hard candy, frostings, fudges, cookies, candy and candy centers, chocolates and baking (cakes and breads). It’s three to four times stronger than extracts, so make sure to use only 1/3 of the amount of the original recipe measurement when substituting it for an extract.

Litchi Ice

This e juice is made from all natural ingredients and has no added sugars to keep your mouth happy. It also has a battery that will last you through the night. With a sleek silicon-based exterior, it’s sure to turn some heads and satisfy your cravings.

Juicy Apple

Juicy Apple is a delicious vape juice that is sure to bring back memories of your favorite fruit drink. The smooth nicotine salt formula of this premium e juice allows for an inhale that will leave your taste buds wanting more!